Ethical Management

practices ethical management.

Daemyung GC Co., Ltd. creates value for various stakeholders such as customers, members, and business partners, plays a key role in social and economic development, and practices corporate management that contributes to the happiness of mankind.
To this end, we strive to use ethical management as the standard for decision-making and behavioral judgment in all business activities.

Reporting unethical behavior

We receive reports on unfair business practices of our employees, unfair demands using their positions, and corruption.
In principle, real-name reporting is required, but the identity of the informant is absolutely protected, and the result is notified as soon as the facts are verified.
Your precious words become the cornerstone of transparent management.

Reporting unethical behavior

  • 제보 대상 이미지 1

    Receiving money, valuables or entertainment from internal/external stakeholders in relation to one's job

  • 제보 대상 이미지 2

    Double employment

  • 제보 대상 이미지 3

    Disclosing or divulging the company's trade secrets

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    Any conduct that is considered unethical by societal wisdom


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