Company Overview

With numerous
'construction achievements'
at home and abroad,
We add‘customer trust’.

Since our founding, our company has gone through many trials and tribulations. However, using this as an opportunity, the company has achieved substantial growth to the extent that there has been no borrowing from financial institutions even once since the establishment of the company.

Based on the technology and know-how accumulated through large-scale electrical works such as Suwon World Cup Stadium, Samsung Homeplus, R3 Information and Communication Research Center, Tower Palace II in Dogok-dong, T7 PROJECT in Asan Tangjeong Industrial Complex, and semiconductor lines in Hwaseong and Pyeongtaek, Korea’s No. We are solidifying our position as a professional construction company for electrical work. In addition, we will take the lead in becoming a company that can lead changes and innovations in the construction industry, which were considered impossible, by boldly breaking the culture and practices of construction and management in the past.

In addition, we will focus on securing strong competitiveness that can adapt quickly in line with the rapidly changing times, and we will do our best to ensure quality construction and safety through the development of new materials and improvement of construction methods. Finally, based on the management philosophy of nurturing human resources, emphasizing technology, and ethical management, we are constantly striving and doing our best to become the best.

  • 회사명

    DaeMyongGEC Inc.

    Company Name

  • 대표자

    Kim Han-wook


  • 설립연월


    Founded Year

  • 사업종류


    Business Type

  • 면허현황

    Domestic 5 / Overseas 3

    License Status

  • 사업종류

    Business Type

    Electrical construction, information communication construction, civil engineering and building construction business, specialized firefighting facility construction, SW development and supply

  • 면허현황

    License Status

    · Domestic : Electricity, communication, professional firefighting, civil engineering and construction
    · Overseas : Electrical and telecommunication construction business

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    21, 7, 8th floor, Teheran-ro 2-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul (Yeoksam-dong, Tower 300)


    · TEL : 02-2182-3900
    · FAX : 02-2182-3987